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2022.09.27 Service First, Safety Always Picture

Le service d’abord, la sécurité toujours


Health and Safety (H&S) have always been one of Sonepar’s top priorities. However, the tasks regarding inspection procedures and incident reports have a reputation for being inconvenient and inefficient.  

The disconnect between the importance of upholding operational H&S and the means required has encouraged Sonepar Canada to integrate our first digitalized data software. 

“Before using our new software, H&S processes were primarily completed in excel and with pen and paper,” said Sonepar Canada’s Vice-President of Logistics, Michael Sudjian. “There were many pain points which would make associates less than enthusiastic about completing H&S tasks.”  

“We wanted to reduce the burden associated with Health and Safety tasks while innovating the process on a national scale,” he said. “Our new Health and Safety software, has engaging dashboards, which automatically populate every time new information is entered and is accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.”  

“CDCs and branches are labour-intensive jobs, and by alleviating a portion of the workload, we can create a sustainable change within our facilities. The program encourages cross-OpCo collaboration by sharing live incident reporting nationally. Access to information regarding safety should be boundless and this new software allows Sonepar Canada to share information while eliminating threats to our associates instantaneously.”   

“Overall, our associates have been very receptive to the digital transformation of our H&S processes, and our new platform has initiated a positive change in attitude associated with workplace safety. Inspection procedures and incident reports are not tasks that simply need to be check marked as completed. They are processes which reinforce our mentality of, ‘Service First, Safety Always.’”  

About Sonepar Canada: 

Member of the Sonepar Group, we are Canada’s largest privately-held B-to-B electrical products distributor and supplier of safety, facilities maintenance and MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products and related services. In Canada, we are represented in eight provinces by Dixon Electric, Gescan, Lumen, MGM Electric, Sesco and Texcan. Sonepar Canada has over 1800 employees working out of over 100 offices between our distinctive brands.