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2023.06.20 Synergy & Growth -Todd Waldorf Picture

Synergy & Growth with Todd Walford


The Ontario Region consists of six operating companies, SESCO, DIXON, MGM, Aztec, Texcan Ontario and Gescan Automation, that span across the province and is led by Ontario Region President, Todd Walford. 

Over the last year, the Ontario Region has made significant modifications to their business to help scale their organization and assist with acquisition growth. 

“Our transformation journey started with the merge of our Texcan Ontario and SESCO Central Distribution Centres (CDCs). By combining our two facilities into one, we were able to initiate the alignment of logistical best practices, strengthen our customer synergies and leverage our vendor partners for increased opportunities,” Todd explains. 

“This also led us to improve our operational health and safety culture and introduce new technology that would support a larger facility and an increased workforce.”
“Our next step was to focus on our level of expertise, management, and business progression. Hiring a new Vice-President for SESCO has assisted with creating a strategic priority around growing the commercial contractor business.”

“We strengthened our business development unit by focusing on electrical vehicle (EV) charging and understanding the depth of their associated product lines. By doing so, we created extensive training programs for our customers to understand the relevant companies in Ontario and how we can assist them in navigating the EV market.” 
“A significant part of our business transformation has been the acquisition of Aztec Electrical Supply and executing our value proposition. The Aztec team has been great aligning with Sonepar’s integration process, which will assist them in their development and will also contribute to the Ontario Region’s growth through acquisition.”

“This is just the beginning for the Ontario Region, and we’re excited to show the industry what we have planned next.”

About Sonepar Ontario Region

The Sonepar Ontario Region is an organization that is made up of a collection of Operative Companies ( Aztec, BlueWay, Dixon Electric, Gescan Automation, MGM Electric, Sesco and Texcan) that stretch across the province of Ontario. These companies range from full-line electrical wholesalers, wire & cable distributors to installation program implementation.