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2023.11.23 Sustainability Picture

Transformative visit of VP Group Sustainability and Energy Transition, Tanguy Griffon inspires sustainability excellence in Canada


In a strategic move aligned with Sonepar's global sustainability goals, Vice President Group Sustainability and Energy Transition, Tanguy Griffon, recently visited Canada. This visit not only emphasized Sonepar's commitment to sustainability but also shed light on the remarkable potential for environmental progress in the country.

Tanguy expressed his admiration for Quebec’s hydro production capabilities, acknowledging the country's bright future in sustainability with its low carbon mix. Recognizing the pivotal role efficient and productive operations play in achieving sustainability objectives, Tanguy highlighted Lumen as having the potential to become one of the flagships in Canada and North America.

During discussions, Tanguy shared his perspective on the country's sustainability journey, stating, 

 "I could feel a strong engagement from the leadership to bring Canada to the forefront while being practical. I look forward to a key cooperation on the Sonepar’s Green Offer, which will be crucial to supporting the scale-up in North America and respond to our evolving customer needs."

What struck Tanguy the most was the evident dedication of the teams he met, "Most importantly, I believe the teams that I met really want to learn and do their best to make a difference," he emphasized. "And this is what it takes to get there—all of us involved."

Tanguy praised the efforts underway in Canada, acknowledging the drive to instigate a culture change, share best practices, reduce waste, and create a clear vision for a sustainable future. His encouraging words reflected the collective commitment required from everyone involved to achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

As Sonepar continues to champion sustainability globally, Tanguy's visit to Canada served as a catalyst for inspiring positive change. The emphasis on practicality, cooperation, and a shared vision underscores Sonepar's dedication to making a lasting impact on sustainability, with Canada poised to play a leading role in this transformative journey.