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2022.11.30 Synergy & Scale Picture

Synergy & Scale


In this digital age, technology has become one of the main vehicles for success. Business leaders have understood that growth and excellent productivity is fueled by a well thought out technology strategy that sets a clear vision but can also adapt in a volatile environment.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) need to be forward-thinking leaders in their organization and bring new ideas to the board which create new value and support growth. They must introduce efficiencies while being even more resilient against cyber threats, force-majeures and  economic uncertainty.

How a CIO needs to operate in a post-pandemic age is to think of new ways to deliver value despite an unpredictable economic outlook and a very shallow talent pool. It means rethinking our cloud strategy, making it more open and flexible by choosing a hybrid approach (on-premise/cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS)). It also means leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning by focusing on projects with a clear return on investment (ROI) and filtering out the hype. Most importantly, they must create a culture and environment where talent can thrive and unleash its full potential.

To achieve this, there needs to be an economy of scale and there are very few electrical distributors who offer this kind of value proposition and momentum.

This is where Sonepar brings a very compelling scenario to our business partners and any potential acquisitions. We not only have top-level business expertise but also a leading-edge technology stack, comprised of a fully featured enterprise application suite; managed on a resilient infrastructure and services environment, while using a hybrid cloud approach, protected with modern, advanced cybersecurity tools and practices.

With our advanced logistics expertise and systems, we can create synergies like no other in the Canadian market. We are leaders in logistics automation, we have feature-rich digital B2B and B2C platforms, a modern, flexible customer relationship suite, and a mature omnichannel and digital evolution strategy. But first and foremost – we emphasize career and talent development as our leading priority in supporting and promoting our team members to enhance or create new talent and expertise.

About Sonepar Canada:

As part of the Sonepar Group, we are the largest distributor of B-to-B electrical products. In Canada, we are represented in eight provinces under the names Texcan, Gescan, Dixon Electric, MGM Electric, Sesco and Lumen. In Canada, all of its business divisions have more than 1800 employees in 100 different locations.