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2023.10.17 Serge Picture

Investment in People and Facilities


In 2019 Lumen completed the second phase of their automation journey by installing a buffer and palletizer system within their Laval, QC, Central Distribution Centre (CDC). This approach of transformation was coupled with their accelerated branch opening strategy. Today, Lumen has entered their third phase of automation with the implementation of their cable automation system and CDC expansion.

“You can’t transform your business without investing in your supply chain and logistical capacity,” said Serge Leblanc, Lumen President. “In addition, we’ve prioritized growing our business organically by opening branches that assist with our market density and expansion into new territories, which ultimately supports the innovations of our CDC.”

Our Lumen model has always been, to propose a solution with next day delivery. This mindset has fostered a sense of security with customers and our cable automation solution’s ability to perform and secure on time delivery will complete the global offering of Lumen. We’ve been able to construct the changes to our CDC while ensuring our service to our customers remains uninterrupted. Our biennial tradeshow, The Salon Lumen, is an event for our customers and will feature exclusive content of our new cable automation system.”

Lumen prides themselves on being the preferred electrical partner in Quebec and one of their priorities has also been ensuring they are passing on their culture of innovation and expertise to their next generation of associates. Therefore, Lumen invests in exclusive training programs which assists their associates with little to no experience to become industry experts.

“We have a multi-generational workforce and it’s important that we are enabling the next generation for success. It’s also crucial that our current experts are a part of that process,” Serge said. “Attracting and retaining young talent is key to any company’s success. However, it’s also important that we facilitate an environment that supports the synergy of our entire organization. This is how you create a sustainable, cohesive ecosystem for many years to come.”

“Our investment in our facilities is a great complement to our sales pitch when recruiting talent because it addresses where the company is going and showcases how we are actively investing in the future of our company and our people.”

“If you have the right mix of everything, the people, the logistics, and the mindset, you are the value-added solution expert that your customers need for their success.”