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2023.11.02 Aztec: One Year Post Acquisition Picture

Aztec: One Year Post-Acquisition


Last November, Sonepar in Canada finalized the acquisition of Aztec Electrical Supply Inc. in Ontario. We look back at the start of Aztec’s post-acquisition process and how the business has been integrated into Sonepar. 

Sonepar and Aztec united under their shared desire to leverage their industry expertise, logistical strengths, and vendor alignment to further the growth of the company. The first step in their business alignment post-acquisition was Aztec’s migration to Sonepar’s ERP system. This transition was a pinnacle moment in Aztec’s integration story as it opened the door to new business opportunities.

“The priority has and will always be on Aztec’s growth,” said Sonepar Ontario Region’s President, Todd Walford. “Our focus is on creating an engine for Aztec which allows them to leverage Sonepar’s investments within the digital space and develop an online solution for customers. Ultimately, migrating to our ERP system initiated this process.”

“The digital offerings at Sonepar are industry-leading, and Aztec will benefit from providing their customers with these additional offerings, along with utilizing Sonepar’s scale and the logistical capabilities of the Ontario Region’s Central Distribution Centre (CDC), which include the alignment of processes and product standardization,” Todd stated.

“Throughout the process of integration, the culture across the organization remains strong and associates continue to focus on supporting sales and new growth opportunities,” said Kevin Borg, Aztec’s Vice President of Sales, and Operations. “The assistance provided by Sonepar from ERP training to IT support has solidified our ability to move forward as one cohesive organization.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Aztec’s progression will continue with the expansion of their Cambridge branch, a new attributed webshop and full use of the Ontario’s CDC. “We have the ability to grow Aztec a considerable amount with the backing of Sonepar’s operations. Aztec now has a stronger logistic infrastructure, which will further our business opportunities, geographically,” said Kevin.

“I am proud of the collegial interactions between Aztec employees and the rest of the Sonepar organization. I see it growing and becoming more progressive every day,” Todd added. “I would personally like to thank the Aztec associates for their patience and positive support throughout the ongoing transition.”

“I am proud of our staff and their ability to adapt to change, we’ve always been able to pivot towards the best interest of the business,” Kevin stated. “Our associates have a strong change mindset which has assisted us with achieving success. Aztec has done a lot of great things before we were acquired and with Sonepar our potential for further success has only been expedited.”