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2022.04.13 Sonepar Ontario Region Relocations SESCO CDC Picture

Sonepar Ontario Region Relocations SESCO CDC


The Sonepar Ontario Region is proud to announce the relocation of their SESCO Central Distribution Centre (CDC) to its new location in Brampton, ON.

This move has facilitated an amalgamation between Texcan’s large Brampton branch and SESCO’s CDC, as both businesses work together within one facility for the first time. 

The expansion of the building and the merging of the Operating Companies (OpCos) will assist with facilitating their customer service value proposition.

“We have best in class logistics within each company and by combining them into one CDC our customers will benefit from our alignment of best practices, and all future improvements will touch both customer bases simultaneously.” said Sonepar Ontario Region President, Todd Walford.

“In addition, Texcan will initiate the process of digitizing its business to customers providing the same industry-leading digital platform that SESCO currently utilizes, which will increase our market penetration and market share.”

“The customer synergies are immense between both companies, and the opportunities to cross-sell and cross-service from both companies have numerous benefits. Leveraging both companies together with our vendor partners means more share and increased opportunities for everyone.”

About Sonepar Ontario Region

The Sonepar Ontario Region is an organization that is made up of a collection of Operative Companies (BlueWay, Dixon Electric, Gescan Automation, MGM Electric, Sesco and Texcan) that stretch across the province of Ontario. These companies range from full-line electrical wholesalers, wire & cable distributors to installation program implementation.